Thought #1
To launch or not to launch?
Thought #1-To launch or not to launch?

The Scenario

An entrepreneurship journey may start due to several reasons such as the following:

  • a strong belief that there is a need under-served in the market
  • a “brilliant” idea that no one has thought about it
  • dissatisfaction from employee status
  • long term unemployment

These thoughts may come and go and depending on how risk averse someone is, they can last for different periods of time before someone decides to invest time and money in them. However, one thing is for sure, the entrepreneurial virus has been taken, you have already imagined yourself as the owner of something and now never again you can be 100% happy working in an environment that does not promote ownership and freedom.

The Issue

The issue arises, when someone decides that she/he actually has to give it a try. And then, is when the doubt kicks in.

  • Is there really an opportunity here?
  • Do I have the right skills to implement this idea?
  • Can I afford the financial implications?
  • Can I take the risk?
  • If this fails, how will I manage to get back to the market?
  • I know this requires a team to flourish. Do I hold the leadership skills to make this happen?

The Action

To address these concerns, we recommend that you perform a set of exercises that can help you visualise the following:

  • what need do you aim to cover?
  • who has this need?
  • how do you plan to cover this need (i.e. which is the product/service you will offer and how will you be able to provision it)?
  • with whom will you be competing and which are the market standards?
  • how will you market your product or service?
  • how will your company be financed?

There are a number of free resources & templates on the web to help you undergo this exercise. Some more complicated, some more simplified. However, a good business plan, is a plan that is challenged against what competitors are doing well and wrong and from people with business acumen that are not emotionally involved with the idea.

This is exactly how agga-consulting team can help you. In a simple, fast, affordable and highly practical manner we can help you in assessing reliably the market opportunity and conduct the “Business Plan” challenge for your idea. In other words, we can provide you the comfort to answer without second thoughts to the answer “to launch or not to launch”.