Thought #7
Put a bridge from present to the future
Thought #7-Put a bridge from present to the future

The Scenario

You need to proceed with a number of structural changes in your business that are necessary for keeping healthy your business, such as organisational re-structuring, an implementation of a new system, a number of costs saving initiatives.

The Issue

You expect a number of your employees to be concerned about these changes and you are afraid that some crucial talent may even consider leaving the company or strongly resist to the planned initiative not allowing the business to get the full benefit from the planned investment.

The Action

To address this issue, you should perform the following exercises:

  • Assess the impact of the changes implemented on the processes, roles and responsibilities and skills required
  • Understand the attitude towards the change per team and per individual
  • Understand the sources of consideration per team and per individual
  • Crystallise the benefits associated with the changes implemented
  • Identify and mobilize resources that can be the change ambassadors who can address the concerns and communicate the benefits to all impacted parties
  • Identify missing skills for which training should be performed
  • Define a plan for communicating the benefits of the change implemented and for addressing all the concerns in terms of “What/How/For Whom/By When”
  • Adjust company processes, policies and even roles and responsibilities if this is required to make the change successful
  • Perform regular checkpoints to ensure change is smoothly absorbed

This is exactly how agga-consulting team can help you. In a simple, fast, affordable and highly practical manner we can help you to Manage Change and thus help you put a bridge from present to the future.