Thought #4
Master a Marketing plan for the Digital era
Thought #4-Master a Marketing plan for the Digital era

The Scenario

Sales are down, competition is very active in overshadowing your brand and it is about time you start creating also some noise. You only have a limited amount of money parked for Marketing activities and you want to ensure that they are utilized in the best possible manner.

The Issue

Traditional marketing activities such as outdoor posters, print inserts in magazines, radio or even TV are too costly and not as effective anymore as Marketing landscape has radically changed and new words such as GoogleAdwords, SEO, SEM seem to have monopolized Marketing professionals’ discussions.

The Action

To address these issues, a company could create and implement a Marketing Plan that preserves the elements of the traditional Marketing Plan (such as providing clarity on the reference market, identify the most attractive segment, define the most relevant message etc.), but also acknowledges and utilizes all the new digital channels (e.g. social media) and marketing techniques (e.g. SEO, SEM).

This is exactly how agga-consulting team can help you. In a simple, fast, affordable and highly practical manner we can help you in defining and implementing a well-balanced, effective Marketing Plan that utilizes all the latest marketing tools and trends currently dominating the marketplace. In other words, we can support you in mastering a Marketing Plan of the Digital era.