Thought #3
From notion to reality
Thought #3-From notion to reality

The Scenario

The idea has been conceptualised and the decision to launch has been taken. You are ready to go, with all the Business Plan figured out, is now time to start putting into practice all the activities that you have been envisioning.

The Issue

Although a number of preparatory activities can take place even before you officially set up your company (such as definition of marketing plan, scouting for potential partners etc.) you will pretty soon have to perform transactions/interactions with suppliers and customers. Setting up a business in Dubai may be easier than setting up a business in other parts of the world, still though, with the existence of so many different Authorities you may find yourself overloaded with information that is difficult to organize and make a decision on where to set up.

The Action

To address this issue, once you have your Business Proposition solidified, you should identify the different Authorities under which you could set up a company in United Arab Emirates and assess which one could better support you in realizing your vision. This assessment, addresses various dimensions such as investment required, facilities offered, legal & accounting services offered, type of network of companies registered, proximity to your target area of business etc.

This is exactly how agga-consulting team can help you. In a simple, fast, affordable and highly practical manner we can help you in identifying the right Authority for your Company and guide you throughout the administrative process for setting up your Company in United Arab Emirates. In other words, we can support you in shifting your Company from notion to reality.